ROD: 63 mm
H&D SKU: CTC-1094745
Product Availability : On Back Order


This is a replacement seal kit for CATERPILLAR EQUIPMENT®


  • Wiper(s): INSERT
  • Rod Seal(s): U-SEAL
  • Piston Seal(s): NONE
  • Other: NONE

Note: The actual contents of the kit may include additional components that are not listed above (i.e. o-rings, back-ups, etc.) 

SERIAL NUMBER(s) - Note: This kit applies to the following models, cylinders, and serial numbers.  This kit my also apply to other models, cylinders, and serial numbers not currently listed below. 

ATTACHMENTS, Hydraulic Hammers, APPLICATION, CYL #: 9T9517, SERIAL #: 4GL1-121
ATTACHMENTS, Hydraulic Hammers, H63, CYL #: 9T9517, SERIAL #: 4GL122-
ATTACHMENTS, Hydraulic Hammers, H63S, CYL #: 9T9517, SERIAL #: 4GL122-

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Products specifications
Cylinder Number 9T9517
Alternate Product Codes