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H&D Credit Application  PDF logo

Credit Application for a New Open Business Account


Tax Resale Certificate - Texas pdf logo

This Form  is to be used if the taxable items being purchased will be re-sold by the Purchaser.  To be valid, this form must be signed and dated and contain th 11 digit Texas Sales Tax Permit number of the Purchaser.


Tax Exempt Certificate - Texas  

This form is to be used if the Purchaser can claim exemption from paying sales tax on the taxable items being purchased.  The reason/s for the exemption must be listed on the form to be valid.  Most commonly, the reasons are for repair of machinery and equipment used in farm or ranch work or if used in or during the manufacturing process. If you are unsure whether or not you can claim exemption from Sales Tax, this link might be helpful. Texas Sales Tax FAQ for Exemption Certificates/Exempt Organizations


Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification


H&D Fax in your Order Form  

If you have an open account you can use this form to fax in our order.


O-Ring Size Chart      

Standard AS568 Dash Numbers O-ring size chart with columns that show the Nominal Size and the Actual Size.  Includes all 369 standard sizes and 20 boss sizes under the 900 series. (6 Pages)


O-Ring Size Chart  

Simple ID O-Ring size chart (1 page)


Conversion Table  

Conversion Table from Fraction, Decimals and Millimeters. (1 page)


O-Ring Information Guide  

This O-Ring Information brochure is designed as a quick and easy reference for proper selection of an O-ring to match your particular needs. (8 pages)



Elastomer Selection  

Selecting seal materials can be intimidating task: there are many types of elastomers and each type is available in many different compounds. Fortunately, there are ten popular elastomers used in seals, and each elastomer account for the bulk of all applications.(6 pages)


Hallite Seal Materials  

Hallite Seals’ materials, including thermo plastics elastomers, unique bearing compounds, nitrile rubbers and rubber-fabric, provide of characteristics to complement seal designs, providing products for numerous applications. (4 pages)


2015 Seal Catalog  

The 2015 Seal Catalog is over 900 pages  of seals in the most popular styles and sizes. The easy-to-use format quickly locates u-seals, piston seals, scrapers, O-rings, piston rings, buffer seals, and much more. Each listing includes seal materials, temperature and pressure specifications, and cross-sectional drawings to simplify selection. (930 pages, 22mb)


2015 Kit Catalog  

The 2015 Kit Catalog contains hydraulic and pneumatic seal kit information for both in-plant and mobile applications. Complete cylinder repair kits are listed from over 140 different brands of equiptment for construction, logging, refuse equipment, forklifts, cranes and dump bodies. In addition a cylinder application reference guide is available to simplify you selection. (1209 pages, 19mb)


Seal Engineering Handbook  

Engineering Handbook is a comprehensive source of technical information for the most popular seals including groove dimensions and material specifications. This is an essential reference of hard-to-find information. (219 pages, 1mb)


The 13th Edition Cylinder Catalog  

The 13th Edition Cylinder Catalog is packed with valuable information cylinder replacement and repair parts. It also features our very own HTR, HSTR, HMW, HCW, HTC, and Snow Plow cylinders as well as telescopic cylinders, power units, and component repair parts. (176 pages)


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration  PDF Logo



Chemical Compatibility Chart PDF Logo